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Are you in need of a quick carpet drying? Personally drying your own carpets could damage the carpet and be time-consuming. Most people detest it. To make it even worse, most people do not have the appropriate carpet drying equipment and materials. Help your carpet last longer and retain its appearance by looking for a good quality carpet drying service. Make sure they offer equipment such as:

  • E-Tes drying equipment
  • Air Movers
  • Injectidry Equipment

Carpets are the most affected household items when faced with leakages and floods. They soak up and then end up growing mold and mildew due to improper drying methods. Carpet cleaning services have amazing carpet drying methods using a wide variety of equipment. Most efficient and effective carpet dryers are aware that different carpets have different carpet fibers. Thus, they offer a personalized drying experience that will not destroy your carpet fiber.

Methods of Effectively Drying a Carpet

After thoroughly washing the carpets with proper detergents and equipment, it is necessary that you make sure your carpet does not have excess moisture as this supports the growth of mildew and mold. The best option is two use the following cleaning options because of their fast drying effect. If the carpet was soaked with a flood, cleaning may be important to remove bacteria.

  1. Cleaning solution- The solution needs to be hot foam. In addition to this, a machine is used to make sure the solution is deeply applied into the carpet. The idea is to treat the carpet and eradicate any spores of mildew and mold within the carpet. The solution also helps to kill any bacteria and germs causing diseases. The machine has brushes that have full bristles the bristles play a big part in loosening dirt particles such as soil. The built-in vacuums then extract the soil. The solution used is fast drying, thus you do not have to worry about airing the carpet or using other methods to get it to dry.
  2. Extraction- Use of extractors is even faster than the previous detergent. Deep foam extractors use hot water to produce deep foam that when introduced to the carpet, ca actually emulsify and extract stains from the carpet. In addition to this, the extractor dries faster than the carpet solution. The extractor removed odor, dirt, body oil, chemicals, pollutants, toxins, and even stains from carpets.

Other factors that affect the cleaning and drying treatment of your carpet are:

  • The nature of the fluid that soaked the carpet
  • The number of times it has undergone cleaning
  • The nature of the fabric
  • The time that the carpet has spent wet.

If you reside in Westchester or surrounding counties, consider Fresh Maintenance. Our customer service and work quality are top notch. For more information about carpet drying In Westchester, NY and its surrounding counties, call 866-543-3257.