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Mold Fogging

Mold Fogging is used primarily because the tiny particles of fog don’t wet any surface they come in contact with; they bounce off. This means that nothing in your home or office is damaged. The dry fog can also penetrate behind walls and areas where traditional cleaning equipment can’t reach without cutting the wall open. Dry fogging penetrates normally inaccessible areas resulting in more thorough disinfection. 

At Fresh Maintenance, we’re proud of our Mold Fogging. It’s proven less invasive and more effective than traditional mold remediation methods in certain situations. Our state of the art technology for mold and germ removal sets us apart from the competition. It’s highly effective and non-invasive. No sledgehammers, no sawing and dust, no demolition or added cost, all it is is clean, safe air, and peace of mind. Contact us to schedule an always-free consultation and start breathing fresh air today!

fresh maintenance technician using a mold fogging machine