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Cleaning up after a flood poses significant challenges, especially if the floodwaters lingered in your home for days. Whether caused by rain, overflowing bodies of water, sewer-line backup, or a broken pipe, flood cleanup is essential to prevent further property damage.

Water Damage: Water seeping into floors, walls, and furnishings weakens materials and necessitates their replacement if left exposed for long periods.

Germs & Bacteria: Floodwater and sewer-line backup carry germs, bacteria, and other organisms that rapidly multiply, posing health threats to occupants. Proper cleaning and sanitizing are crucial to avoid illnesses and infections.

Mold & Mildew: After floodwaters recede, mold and mildew become significant threats. Flourishing in moist environments, they quickly spread throughout the home. While mildew can be removed, mold releases millions of spores that invade walls, attics, and basements, consuming organic materials and affecting occupants’ health. In rare cases, untreated mold damage can be so severe that the home may require demolition.

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