Big Basement Flood

Flood Cleanup

Cleaning up after a flood, whether caused by precipitation, overflowing bodies of water, a leaking or busted pipe, or sewer line backup is no easy task. This is because there is more to proper flood cleanup than identifying the source of the floodwater and removing it. There are other important tasks to be done that insure your home is properly protected.

How Proper Flood Cleanup Works

It all starts by identifying and stopping the source of the flooding if at all possible. This means that the water is shut off to stop leaking or busted pipes from doing any more damage. However, it may mean that you have to wait for the flooding to subside before any cleanup can begin.

Once started, the first task is to remove the water itself from the home. During this time, the source of the flooding can be addressed, such as repairing leaking or broken pipes. Once the floodwater itself has been removed, the next step is to dry and sanitize the home. Fans and sometimes heaters are used to evaporate the remaining water while the home is cleaned with the proper products that kill any germs, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants that may be left behind.

When the home is dried and sanitized, any repairs to the materials in the home can be made. This means removing and replacing carpet, putting in new drywall, and repairing any other materials that are part of the home itself. This is usually the job of a professional flood cleanup or restoration company.

Why Hiring a Professional Company is a Good Idea?

You may wonder why you cannot clean up the floodwater yourself. Unless you have the knowledge, tools, supplies, and equipment of a professional company, it is generally a good idea to let them do the work.

Experience: They are professionals who have been trained to clean up after flooding has occurred. This means that they know what steps to take in the right order to limit the damage to your home today and prevent even more damage from occurring tomorrow.

Speed: A reputable, professional company can clean up your home faster thanks to their knowledge and equipment. This means that they do the work while you can take care of your family.

Mold: While cleaning up the water itself is usually a straightforward task, preventing mold from growing is a more difficult one. Mold thrives in indoor environments that are wet or humid, so the company will have a drying process that addresses that issue.

This means that any mold that entered your home is stopped by the drying process, so that it cannot damage the materials and protect the health of those living inside. Left unchecked, mold may cause considerable damage and in rare cases cause the home to be condemned.

A proper flood cleanup not only removes the water from your home today but protects it in the days afterward from potentially damaging issues such as mold. You’ll want to hire the best water removal company to ensure that your home is not only dry, but in good shape after a flood has hit.