Property Owner Responsibilities

Ongoing structural maintenance and housekeeping practices must be conducted. Humidity levels must be kept under 50%. The property owner will maintain remediated surfaces and areas in accordance with good housekeeping practices and ensure that remediated areas are kept dry.

Pre-existing Conditions: The Owner is responsible for making repairs when necessary to fix conditions that caused the mold to grow in treated areas. If these repairs are not made immediately before or after treatment Fresh Maintenance cannot be held liable if mold returns.

The owner must provide notice within 7 days of discovery of the problem. Prompt action is essential to correct a mold contamination problem. Fresh Maintenance reserves the right to investigate claims or limited warranty remediation requests.

Notice of Claims/Disclaimers

Any claims of the terms of this limited warranty must be made immediately with verbal communication and in writing to Fresh Maintenance. Liability under this agreement will be terminated if Fresh Maintenance is prevented from fulfilling its responsibilities under this limited warranty due to reason of delay(s) in transportation, shortages of fuel, and/or materials strikes, embargoes, floods, quarantine restrictions, earthquakes, hurricanes, or any other act of God or circumstances or cause beyond the control of Fresh Maintenance.

Water Leakage: The Owner is responsible for making timely repairs when necessary to stop water leakage in treated areas, interior areas, and roof or exterior walls to stop any moisture intrusion.

Addition/Alterations: This limited warranty covers the structure as described herein. In the event the premises are structurally modified or otherwise changed, the Owner will notify Fresh Maintenance.

Disclaimer: Indoor air environmental quality is very complex and effected by many factors. Each person has different sensitivities to pollutants, pollutant levels, or environmental conditions. People with pre-existing allergic conditions, respiratory problems, or other symptoms should always consult a physician or allergist. Fresh Maintenance can not and does not express any opinion on individual health problems or their elevation from reduction of microbial contamination. Fresh Maintenance specifically disclaims any health, medical, or individual or collective symptomatic relief.