Toilet Water Cleanup

A toilet backing up is not a common experience, but one that happens in most homes on rare occasions. There are several reasons why a toilet may backup and overflow onto the floor, but in most cases the spills are minor and can be easily cleaned up. However, you will need to know the proper method of toilet water cleanup so that you minimize the danger to your property and those living inside the home.

How to Clean Up Toilet Water

Even if the toilet has not been used, you must assume that the water is contaminated by germs, bacteria, and potentially viruses. By assuming that all water from the toilet is contaminated, you will take extra care when cleaning it up.

Equipment: You’ll need a mop, bucket, cleaning products, and protective mask along with waterproof boots or galoshes so that the toilet water does not contaminate your footwear.

Stop the Overflow: Start by ensuring that the toilet is no longer backing up so that it does not overflow anymore. A plunger should be sufficient to remove the blockage that is causing the toilet to back up. If not, you will need to have a professional service do the work.

Mop: Using your mop and bucket, remove the water from the floor. Be sure the mop is properly rung out so that it can soak up all the water. At this time, any waste material should be removed as well.

Be sure that all water and contaminants are removed from the property, so they cause no harm to anyone. Once removed, you will need to sanitize the floor using a cleaning product that destroys germs, bacteria, and viruses. After you sanitize the area, it should be dried out using fans, blowers, and an open window so the humidity levels are lowered to normal.

If the spill is contained to the bathroom and does not leave the tile floor, then you can clean up the mess yourself using the right protective gear and equipment. However, if the spill should go beyond the bathroom, you may need a professional service to do the work.

Why Use a Professional Service?

There are good reasons to call a professional service for major backups and spills, especially when it gets into the carpet or wooden flooring. First, a reputable restoration company will have the knowledge, experience, and equipment needed to clean up the spill and guarantee their work so that if it’s not done correctly or issue from the spill reoccur, then they will be back to take care of the problem.

The company will not only remove the spill, they will sanitize the area so that all the germs, bacteria, and other contaminants are destroyed. Plus, they will repair any damaged material in the floors and walls while removing carpets and furnishings that were damaged beyond repair from the premises. Finally, they will dry out the area so that any mold present will not collect on the surface and start to spread.

If you need toilet water cleanup that is performed properly to protect your property and those living inside the home, a professional service is the best choice.