Toilet Backup in Basement

A toilet that backs up in any part of the home is not a pleasant experience, but a toilet backup in basement does offer issues that are unique and must be handled quickly if you want to prevent further damage from happening to your home.

Whether the overflow is small or large, you will need to clean it up quickly to prevent further damage from happening to your basement or home. While many may feel that a toilet water spill in their basement, especially if it has a concrete floor and is seldom used presents no danger, the truth is that you may be underestimating the damage it can do.

The Danger of Toilet Water

Water from the toilet presents two separate concerns, the waste materials and other contaminants that may be present in the water and the water itself. The contaminated materials that seep into your floor, walls, and other items touched by the toilet water become havens for germs, bacteria, and viruses to grow. Concrete is a strong, but porous material that creates a haven for contaminants to grow which may become airborne and present a danger to everyone in the household.

The water not only damages the materials that it touches, but also creates the conditions ripe for mold to grow. While mold is present virtually everywhere, it is dormant until it finds a humid, moist surface and atmosphere where it can grow and spread throughout your home. The spores find their way into your ventilation system which affects the health of those inside. If not stopped, mold may cause thousands of dollars in damage and in rare cases cause the property to be condemned.

How a Professional Service Can Help

For all save the smallest spills which can be quickly picked up, you should call a professional restoration service that can properly clean up and dispose of the contaminated toilet water. The reputable companies will send out a representative first to assess the damage and offer a free estimate for cleanup. If you accept, the cleanup crew arrives to take care of the spill.

They will remove all the water first using wet-vacuums which soak up the spill. This is followed by the removal of all items that were damaged or contaminated by contact with the toilet water. All flooring and walls that were damaged will be repaired while any other items or furnishings will be cleaned and sanitized.

The next step will be the sanitizing of the basement so that any germs, bacteria, or viruses are destroyed and no longer present a threat. The final step is fully drying out the basement using blowers and fans so that any mold that is present will not have a place to grow.

If you have a toilet backup in basement that puts a considerable amount of contaminated water on the floor, you should call a qualified, reputable restoration company that specializes in cleaning up spills just like this. They have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to properly clean up the spill, sanitize the area, and dry it out so that mold does not form in your basement.