Soak Up Water in Basement

Basements provide an additional room for families to use as a den, theater, storage, laundry, game, or even a bedroom. While basements provide solid advantages that make them attractive for home buyers, they are also more susceptible to becoming flooded which means that you need to be vigilant about any accumulation of water. You’ll need to soak up water in basement quickly to avoid potentially damaging issues to the rest of your home.

Sources of Water Accumulation

If you notice water accumulating in your basement and you do not know the source, it will need to be identified so that proper repairs can be made. Some of the potential sources for water in the basement include the following;

Flooding: This is when precipitation or a nearby body of water overflows into your basement. Cleaning up is relatively simple, but you should look at preventative measures that help keep the water out if at all practical. This includes shoring up the walls, plugging up cracks or holes, and putting up embankments to help deter the water from entering.

Ground Seep: This is one of the more troubling areas of water accumulation because it means that the water table is high enough that it seeps into your basement. While you cannot lower the water table permanently, you can take steps to seal up the basement floor and walls so that water cannot seep through.

Broken Pipe: You can recognize if the water is coming from a broken pipe or line by searching for the location of the drip. Sometimes it’s easy to spot, but if the water lines are covered it may be more difficult. You will need a plumber to repair the water line or pipe so that your cleanup efforts will be successful.

In any case, once the source has been located and corrected, you need to clean up the water quickly to prevent the formation of mold. Mold thrives in moist, humid locations where it can quickly spread throughout your home. The mold will start to consume the wood which weakens the structure of your house and the millions of spores it releases will affect the health and wellbeing of those living inside. Left unchecked, mold can cause thousands of dollars in repair bills and in rare cases cause the home to be condemned.

For small spills, you can soak up the water using towels or a wet-vacuum which is designed to handle liquids. However, if there is too much water for you to remove or you cannot locate the source of the accumulation, it’s time to call a professional restoration company.

Professional Restoration Company

This is a company that comes in after flooding occurs to remove the water, repair the damage, and dry out the area thoroughly so that issues like mold do not occur. There is a fee for their services, but it can be well worth it if it prevents larger issues from occurring. You will need to call them

So, it’s a good idea to call a professional restoration company to soak up water in basement to prevent small issues from becoming big, expensive repairs.