Sewage Cleanup Westchester County NY

The problem with Westchester County is that it has an older sewer system that will back up during heavy rains and flooding. The largest part of residents believes that the Westchester County DPW will repair and cleanup any sewer backup. Surprisingly, many Westchester County residents are shocked that the county either won’t cleanup the mess or will just come out to wash the ground using a disinfectant. The city may also pay for an established restoration and cleaning service provider determined by specific factors. The choice is determined by who is liable in addition to how a sewage damage backup occurred. Sewer backups can be attributable to roots, excessive flooding and jam issues.

A common cause of sewer blockages in Westchester County is its extremely old trees and root systems. The roots grow into the pipes then eventually clog them. With excessive use of a sewer line with major rains and rain storms, the system cannot handle the excess water. The water and all of the contaminants such as raw sewage, garbage can lead to conditions for hepatitis, AIDS, and other diseases. The contaminants often flow into the crawl spaces and basements which is the lowest area of the home where the sewage can be deposited. Westchester County home owners and commercial property management companies don’t have many options on solving the Sewer Backup Insurance cleanup.

The first question that residents of Westchester County New York, need to ask is who is responsible. That is dependent upon where the blockage is. If the block occurred on city property (not on homeowner property) then the town will be accountable. If it occurred on the homeowner’s property then the home owner or building property management will be liable. What clean-up method is needed is another concern. Sewer or sewer water even if it looks good, has diseases such as hepatitis, AIDS, and other harmful unhealthy bacteria and viruses.

The standard reply from most government agencies would be to send out a team which includes a bucket as well as a mop. While this may seem passable it’s in reality more harm than helpful. There are a lot of unseen areas that bacteria and other contaminants hide, behind drywall, under carpet along with hidden crevices. And see if the unseen micro-organism doesn’t bother you, a law suit may. When people living in the house or working in the business in the future get sick for just about any reason they may well be able to attribute their sickness to the microbe left inside the uncleaned areas.

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