Mold Removal Remediation Testing Inspection Westchester Rockland Bergen Fairfield

Mold can grow on just about any substance—from wood to paper to carpeting—when excess moisture and oxygen are present. It also has the potential to cause adverse health effects, such as allergic reactions or even asthma attacks. This is why we take Mold Removal Remediation  Westchester Rockland Bergen Fairfield very seriously. If any of this sounds familiar and you think you have a situation that requires mold removal, it’s best to call Fresh Maintenance for a thorough residential mold inspection. Our expert Mold Remediation team works in Rockland and Bergen counties, Westchester and Long Island NY, and NJ. The first thing we do to solve the problem is collect both visible mold and air samples (to catch the spores you can’t see), and send them to a lab. You’ll have results if it’s black mold within days.

If the results are positive for black mold, our team springs into action by using non-toxic EPA-approved products and cleaning procedures, HEPA air filtration, and vacuuming. After the mold removal process is complete, Fresh does clearance testing to certify that the mold remediation was handled properly, leaving you with peace of mind and a healthy home environment.  We take Mold Removal Remediation Testing Inspection in residences in Westchester, Rockland, Bergen, and Fairfield counties very seriously.


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