Renting an apartment with mold. For the Renter

  1. Use your common sense!  If you smell something or feel somebody recently covered up a smell check it out before you sign a lease.
  2. Before renting-look for mold in all areas of the property, especially under sinks in closets and any areas that could flood.
  3. Spend a few minutes in all areas of the house to detect mold odor or visual presence.  Just walk around, remember you are going to have to live there don’t be rushed.
  4. Leave any property when mold is present either odor or visual.  You never know if it is toxic or not so it is better to just get outside.
  5. Have the property inspected for mold and fully document the findings.   Hire a professional mold inspection company.
  6. Ask the landlord to pay for a mold inspection, the landlord should pay for the inspection, but agree upon a company you both can live with.
  7. If mold is found and removed have follow up mold inspection.  If there is mold found the company doing the remediation should be a reputable mold removal company, and not a handyman.
  8. Do not rent mold infested property until remediation (removing mold and eliminating source of water) and cleaning.  Make sure the mold cleanup is done by a professional mold removal company.  Do not sign the lease until the work is finished and has been reinspected.
  9. Once rented it is the duty and responsibility of tenant to notify and advise landlord of any suspected mold growth or water leaks immediately in WRITING.  Calling the landlord when you first detect a leak is fine, but always follow up in writing and by email if possible so that there is a paper trail.  This will help if you need to break the lease.

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