Mold in your Crawl Space

mold in crawlspace

mold in crawlspace



Mold in your crawlspace is not different than having mold in your basement or attic. The difference is height hence the reason for the name “crawl”.  A crawl space can be located in your attic along the roofline, or below your house even attached to your basement. Basement crawlspaces and basements share the same causes of mold which is usually water seepage or moisture. Attic crawlspaces and attics can share the usual cause for mold which is poor circulation, but attic crawlspaces are usually created when an attic is turned into living space and a crawl space is created to make the room square.  When you create an attic crawl space there is nowhere for insulation, so often the insulation is put against the roof which causes moisture to build up and air to stop circulating.


Our project today was mold on the wood in the ceiling of a crawlspace, caused from a radiator that was leaking, soaking the carpet and seeping through the floor into the crawlspace below. It was a fairly common type job, not always because of a radiator but from some water source.  Sometimes the water source can be from the outside in the case of a flood or high waterline.

Our method of removing mold from a crawlspace:

We set up a containment, hepa vacuum then begin to disinfect the area by fogging Cal-brite a non-toxic biodegradable product to lower the amount of  air borne contaminants, once this is done the process of mold removal can begin.  We spray the walls floors and ceiling with Cal-brite and let it sit for twenty minutes to give it time to react with the mold.  We then wipe all of the residue up and hepa vacuum again., We finally gas the entire space with high levels of ozone to shock and kill whatever mold or spores were missed, the gas can get inton spaces that are smaller than the droplets of Cal-brite.

Can you DIY a mold project like this?

We recommend not trying to if you don’t know what you’re doing. Mold can make you sick and spread fast!   Disturbing the mold allows the spores to be released.  Without proper precautions 1 spore can turn into 100,000 in 12 hours.   We use proper equipment and containment along with protective clothing from head to toe.


So when you  have mold in your Crawl Space, we are here to assist you.  Call us at 866 543-3257 to set up a Free Mold Removal Estimate.