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If you live in NY, probably a ‘mold attack’ is not something unfamiliar to you. If you care about the distemper in your beautiful wall, then you should look for the best mold remover company. NY has a moist environment, so molds are not uncommon.

But not every single mold remediation contractor is a good one. Due to so many companies offering you their services, it might be a tough job to choose the top contractor. In Fresh Maintenance, we simply don’t boast about the services we provide you with. Rather we want you to see the benchmarks of a top mold remediation contractor. NY dwellers can compare us with the benchmarks and see for themselves if we fit the criteria.

  • Pricing: Good mold removers in NY will never charge you a fortune, neither will they work for peanuts. If a contractor is asking for way too much money, then you need to look for other options and compare the prices. On the other hand, if someone is willing to work for a shockingly low amount, then the quality of their work will not be satisfactory.
  • Experience: Mold removal is not an easy task. Tiny mold spores are always present in the atmosphere. When they find a moisture source, they gather on the surface. For making sure that molds don’t come back right after a few days of being removed, you need to hire a mold remediation contractor who is able to find the main moisture source that is causing the mold issue and take care of it. This is where experience comes in handy.
  • Portfolio: Before you hire any kind of contractors, taking a look at their portfolio is a must. Contractors who don’t have a portfolio can’t be trusted with work that matters to you. From the portfolio, you will be able to know how successful their previous projects were, and what expectations you can have from your mold remover contractor.
  • Reviews: And lastly, don’t forget to check out the reviews your potential contractor has received from their previous clients. If previous clients were satisfied with their work, then chances are higher that you will receive good services from them as well, and vice versa.

If you are thinking of hiring the best mold remover in NY, then you can definitely come to and check if we really tick all these boxes. We promise that we do.