Harrison Water Damage

Fast response is extremely important when water has entered your home. Regardless if the water came from storms and flood waters, broken or leaky pipes, a sewer backup or line break, malfunctioning appliances such as water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, or refrigerators, or a sink or toilet overflow, the dangers of not doing anything about it are numerous, as bacteria and mold thrive in this environment.

You must act quickly to:

  • Dry the affected area immediately to prevent mold and bacteria growth. AND…
  • Disinfect and sanitize the affected area to prevent further exposure to possible waste material, household chemicals, and diseases contained in the water.

That is why Fresh Maintenance is here 24/7 with licensed and certified technicians available to help you immediately.

We provide you with emergency services covering a myriad of disaster damage emergencies. These include water removal and extraction, structural drying, and decontamination of all affected areas in the home, basement or crawl space. With our knowledge in water damage restoration, we can stop and prevent the growth of mold and eliminate offensive odors. When you need emergency water damage repair, our promise is at your door in 60 minutes or less.

Our techs are fully equipped when they arrive to extract and decontaminate any area of Harrison Water Damagee, no matter how large or how small. They are very understanding of the inconvenience you are experiencing and are experts at handling the water cleanup process as quickly as possible. You can expect our company technicians to be kind, courteous, and skilled from start to finish.


Harrison Water Damage

Harrison Water Damage

Water Damage: Typical Causes

Water damage Harrison can occur in many different ways, and can effect even the most prepared homeowner or business owner. With Fresh Maintenance it does not matter what caused your water damage or how much work needs to be done. We are available for water damage Harrison 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The most common types of water damage are below:

Storm Damage that causes Flooding

Heavy rainfall in Harrison NY can put any building’s foundations to the test and you may need water damage restoration in Harrison. When storms get intense, water can become a powerful and a destructive force.

Sewer Backups & Problems

Not only can a sewer backup lead to flooding, the result is sometimes dangerous. Gray- or black-water contamination can contain bacteria and viruses that lead to infection or serious illness. Flooding from sewer blockages should be considered an emergency and be dealt with immediately, Call Fresh Maintenance for your water damage repair in Harrison NY.

Appliance Leaks & Broken Pipes

When your faucet, tub, water heater, or other appliance leaks, the results can vary from annoying to devastating. Water that builds up on a floor can make its way inside, collecting in hard-to-reach places. You then run the very real risks of wood damage and mold contamination. If your water damage is the result of a toilet or dishwasher overflow, you can add pathogen contamination to the list of perils.

No matter what type of water damage restoration your in need of, whether it be cleanup, removal, or one of our many other services, our company will provide you with a service that is immediate and professional. We also work on water damage at commercial buildings.

Flood Damage Cleanup

Flood damage in your Harrison NY home or business can destroy furniture, cabinets, walls, floors and more, but that’s just the beginning of the problem! When a flooded house is not treated immediately it can lead to moist and humid conditions that toxic mold and bacteria thrives in. Don’t let flood cleanup develop into a much bigger and more expensive problem. If you need flood cleanup, hardwood floor drying or repairs or flood damage restoration in your home or business, it is important to begin the process as soon as possible.

We specialize in helping you recover and restore your property. Our job is to minimize the damage to your property by prompt and thorough action which will bring your contents and structure as close to pre-flooding condition as possible. We can restore damaged carpets, contents and structural materials to pre-flood appearance or better.

We will recommend the best and quickest way to remove water and restore the damaged home or business. Through restoring flood damaged homes and businesses every day, we know that prompt action is required with any amount of flooding in order to prevent the formation and growth of mold and mildew in your home or business.