Harrington Park NJ 07640 Mold Remediation Removal Testing Inspections

At Fresh Maintenance we take pride in upholding the highest standards for Harrington Park NJ 07640 Mold Remediation Removal Testing Inspections, as well as the Bergen County NY area. Our remediation and abatement capabilities are as diverse as they come. We are certified experts in mold and mildew removal and use only biodegradable, non-toxic products. It’s our job to make sure your home is as clean, healthy and mold free as possible. If you are not sure your home has mold, we provide certified mold and mildew inspections and testing . It’s time to get rid of that mold  that has been growing in your basement or attic, or to cleanup that funky odor in the corner of your bathroom. We are a family-owned business and guarantee first-class, personalized customer service. Contact us at (866)543-3257 today if you want your house to be back in top form!  Check us out on Angie’s List where we were the 2011 Super Service of The Year winners in the category of Mold Testing and Remediation.


In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I needed a reliable provider to determine the extent of the mold damage to the co-ops my firm manages, and then deal with cleaning it up. Joe and the Fresh team are extremely reliable in every way. Firm management came quickly to each scene and worked with us to solve the problems at hand, even ones that would put no revenue into their pockets; I found them to be empathetic and supportive. Their work was efficient and complete, and they came when they said they would.I understand that they, along with many firms, were stretched thin after Sandy, trying to cope with overwhelming demand. Fresh Maintenance still came through, kept to their schedule and completely satisfied our client buildings . We were so impressed, we’re now working on new projects with Fresh.I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone needing a great resource in a very demanding field.

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