Greenburgh NY 10603 Mold Removal Remediation

At Fresh Maintenance we take pride in upholding the highest standards for Greenburgh NY 10603 Mold Removal Remediation, as well as the Westchester County NY area. Our remediation and abatement capabilities are as diverse as they come. We are certified experts in mold and mildew removal and use only biodegradable, non-toxic products. It’s our job to make sure your home is as clean, healthy and mold free as possible.  It’s time to get rid of that mold  that has been growing in your basement or attic, or to cleanup that funky odor in the corner of your bathroom. We are a family-owned business and guarantee first-class, personalized customer service. Contact us at (866) 543-3257 today if you want your house to be back in top form!  Check us out on Angie’s List where we were the Super Service of The Year winners in the category of Mold Testing and Remediation.

Joseph is a life saver! That’s my quote to him exactly. We’re in the process of buying an older home in Clifton and we have an FHA loan. Well, FHA is super strict with requirements of things that need to be taken care of before the loan will close. (I’m talking even painting a basement floor that has old faded/peeling paint). Can you believe it?!! The seller is responsible for all these repairs but she’s a little old lady who lost her husband recently so we told her we would help her to take care of all these trivial items that FHA requires. Mold in the basement was one of those issues. We had a mold guy come and give her an estimate.While there, the guy told us the mold was not dangerous and no big deal, and all the basement needs is ventilation to prevent it from occurring again, there was some water leaking in at some point which was evident, but nothing major and we could easily remove this mold ourselves. We thought …GREAT!. Then we get the estimate for the mold removal and he wanted to charge $6,000. WHAT?!! We told the seller we’d remove the mold ourselves. We bought all the supplies and followed what the estimate report said he was going to do.It was NOT $6,000 worth of work!FHA requires a certification letter from a mold professional to verify that we removed the mold properly. Our fear was that a mold guy was going to come in and take advantage of us (since we’re new to this) and tell us we didn’t get it all and he’ll need to do this that and the other. No way were we going to call back the first guy…Mr. $6,000! lol. So we found Joe on Angie’s list and saw all the great reviews. Well, I can honestly say that Joe is the most honest and considerate guy. He admitted that these FHA guys were overly cautious.He turned around with the verification letter we needed in no time and did NOT take advantage of us rookies. I couldn’t believe how great he was. We were so pleased to find such an honest and considerate person still doing business today. THANK YOU JOE!!!!!People with mold issues – go to Joe. Seriously, I can’t stress enough how great he was to us.We’re so relieved to have found him

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