Get your home ready for the winter. The temperature is starting to fall and you need to prepare.

get your home ready for winter

Get your home ready for winter

Your most important task this time of year is to get your home ready for the winter. Once the snow and the temperatures start to fall it might be too late to stop a pipe from freezing and causing a flood, or preventing a chimney fire.

Get your home ready for the winter. (inside)

  • Have your furnace or boiler checked and serviced by your HVAC company before the season starts.
  • Replace the furnace filter.
  • Fill your fuel tanks and make sure you have an adequate supply in case a storm hits and delivery is unavailable.
  • To avoid pipes freezing keep the thermostat at no lower than 55 degrees keep doors open to rooms you don’t use to even out the temperature throughout the house.
  • Inspect and do maintenance to your  wood-burning or pellet stoves.
  • Have your chimney cleaned and inspected to avoid fires and clogs.
  • Look for water leaks and fix any problems immediately even the smallest leak can cause a big problem.
  • Make sure the insulation in your attic is sufficient to keep heat from escaping your living spaces. Also check that the ventilation is adequate to prevent the attic from getting to warm and melting the snow and possibly causing an ice dam.
  • Find your shut off valve for your water in case they do freeze; you may be able to prevent a flood and serious water damage.
  • Caulk windows and doors to protect against against drafts and the loss of heat.

Get your home ready for the winter. (outside)

  • Have your trees trimmed to remove dead branches so they don’t they fall because of ice, snow or wind.
  • Clean your gutters so melting snow can drain properly. Make sure downspouts direct water away from the foundation at least 8 feet.
  • Fix stairs and rails to make them safer when the the ice and snow come.
  • Make sure you have snow shovels and salt or a deicing agent.
  • Get your snow blower serviced and any necessary repairs made make sure you have gas and its ready to go.
  • Stock your ice melting compound to melt ice on walkways.
  • Have your generator checked and make sure you can operate it when the time comes.