You may think that a little water or moisture build-up in your basement is no big deal. After all, many basements are formed with concrete and are considered a separate part of the home. However, there are good reasons why you should keep your basement dry. Hiring a reputable company that dries basement may be one of the best investments you can make.
There are several reasons why basements tend to collect water, either quickly or over time. Identifying the cause of the water build-up is the first step towards addressing the problem.
– Flooding
– Leaky Pipe
– High Water Table
– Sewer Backup
Because basements are usually below ground level, it is the first place that floodwater will collect. In many homes, the pipes will crisscross around the basement which means that a leak will often result in water on the floor. A sewer backup will also tend to collect in the basement as well. However, while all three of the aforementioned reasons are temporary in nature, a high-water table means that you will need to seal the basement to prevent moisture build-up.

Why Dry the Basement?

Many believe that moisture build-up or even water on the floor is no big deal. At first, they may be right. But over time the presence of water in the basement may lead to expensive repairs and may affect the health of those who live inside. That’s why finding a company that dries basement is so important.
Physical Damage: The weight of the water itself over time will start to damage even concrete flooring. This is because concrete is porous and when water and other particles seep in, it can cause discoloration and weaken the material itself. Having a sealed concrete floor and walls certainly helps, but the weight of the water will eventually penetrate.
Mold: While mold is virtually everywhere, it does not become a threat to the home or your health until it finds a damp, dark place to grow. The moisture combined with lack of proper air flow means that the mold will quickly attach itself to organic materials, such as the wood that forms your flooring, and start to consume it.
Left untreated, mold can quickly spread causing many thousands of dollars in damage and in rare cases cause the home to be condemned. In addition, those who have respiratory issues are vulnerable to allergies caused by the presence of millions of mold spores.
Because basements tend to lack proper air flow, you should clean up water spills quickly. Plus, you should air out your basement every so often to lower the humidity levels. Start going into your basement every so often to conduct a visual inspection. You can do so monthly or more frequently if you suspect that there is a leak. The quicker you can find an issue, the faster you can deal with it before it causes real damage.
If your basement is flooded, builds up water over time, or is quite humid, you will need to hire a proper company that dries basement. By acting now, you may prevent having to pay a far larger bill in the future.