Westchester NY Smoke Removal

Westchester NY Smoke Removal

Even a small fire that has been contained may do far more damage to your home that you initially think. This is because smoke can infiltrate the porous surfaces far beyond where the fire occurred and damage the plaster, wood, and other materials made from organic elements. That’s why you need to call the Westchester NY smoke removal experts who can identify, repair, or replace materials in your home quickly and efficiently.

How Smoke Damage Affects Your Home

The smoke released by the fire is really the ash and remaining substances that the fire has burned away. It travels into the air until it finds a surface where it can stick. Once the smoke contacts the surfaces that are porous, such as the walls, ceiling, furnishings, or other items in your home, the smaller particles stick to the surface and start to penetrate the material.

Once it starts to cling to the surface, the porous material will allow it to penetrate and stain the material. Standard cleaning methods often do not work well because it only spreads the ash, soot, and other elements of the smoke across a wider area. Instead, you will need to call the professionals that can properly clean the surfaces and repair or replace the materials that have been compromised by the smoke.

Why Cleanup Smoke Damage?

For minor smoke damage, it may seem at first that having it cleaned up might not be necessary. After all, a little staining on a wall or ceiling may not seem all that important. However, there are good reasons to have smoke damage proper addressed in a timely manner.

Additional Damage: Over time, the damage the smoke causes to the walls, ceiling, and other items only grows over time. The ash may allow for other particles to set into the materials or create larger openings which weaken the structure itself.

Air Pollution: The presence of smoke can be smelled readily even years after the fire was extinguished. The odor is caused by the remaining particles leaking back into the air which may cause health issues which range from allergies to affecting those with respiratory problems. To protect the health of those living inside, cleaning up the smoke damage becomes quite important.

Home Value: If you are planning on selling your home in the foreseeable future, getting the smoke damage cleaned up become paramount. Indications of smoke damage to those looking to buy your home becomes an automatic disqualifier since it may be hiding other, more serious damage that has occurred. Just like finding out a vehicle you want to purchase has been flood damaged, so too does smoke damage cause potential buyers to leave or ask for a big discount on the purchase price.

If your home has suffered from a fire, even a small one that has been contained, call the Westchester NY smoke removal experts. They can inspect your home and locate damage that you otherwise might have missed. With their services, you can have the damage repaired or replaced quickly and inexpensively so that you get your home back.

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