A Comprehensive Guide to Sewage Cleanup Services

A Comprehensive Guide to Sewage Cleanup Services


Sewage waste is potentially hazardous to health. If you are dealing with sewage damage, the first thing you think about doing is cleaning it up. However, since sewage waste contains a million germs, bacteria, viruses and filthy content, it must not be handled without caution. Therefore, you must consider hiring the best Westchester NY Sewage cleanup services. They have the right tools, necessary knowledge and experience required to efficiently cleanup sewage.


If you are confused whether you should hire professional services, here are a few questions that will help you make your decision.


  • How bad is the damage?


Is the sewage spill or damage limited to the bathroom or a small area? If the damage, leakage or spill has affected only a small area, you can consider cleaning it yourself. However, if the damage is catastrophic and has affected a large area, you should call for professional Westchester NY Sewage cleanup services.

Moreover, if you have hygiene issues or you are concerned about your safety, it is better to let the professionals take care of it. To get it done right, proper tools and techniques are required.


  • How long has it been since the sewage damage?


Sewage waste contains different kinds of bacteria, virus, and microorganisms which are dangerous for health. It not only contaminates the air and any object it comes into contact with, but also spreads infections and diseases. The longer the sewage is left untreated, the greater is the harm.


If the sewage has been standing for a day or more, hire professional cleanup services. Sewage treatment specialists have effective protective measures, disinfectants, deodorizers and cleanup equipment which can get rid of the mess.


  • What do you plan on doing with the contaminated objects?

If the sewage waste has contaminated objects like carpet, floor mat and furnishings, eliminate them or get them cleaned professionally. After the waste has been cleaned up, wipe the floor and walls with warm water and soap. Disinfect the area and use deodorizers. Do not forget to dry the affected areas properly or it could lead to mold and mildew outbreak. Make sure that the windows and air vents are open to allow proper air circulation.


In case you are determined to clean up the sewage spill yourself, take protective measures.

  • Wear rubber boots.
  • Wear a protective face mask.
  • Wear rubber gloves.
  • Put on protective clothes.
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