Westchester NY — Is your home making you sick?

Westchester NY Mold Removal — Is your home making you sick? The answer might be yes.

Lead, mold, and asbestos – they can all lead to serious health issues. And they are in plenty of homes right here in the NY area.  People suffer from eye, nose and throat irritation, rashes, stuffiness, dry cough and fatigue – to name just a few of the symptoms.  That list is a long one. Smith has suffered from asthma, acid reflux, bronchitis, severe headaches and nausea. Her weight plummeted. She dropped 50 pounds in just six months.  Smith and her family sought any medical opinion they could find.  “We’d go to this doctor and we’d go to this specialist and the word we kept hearing from people was we’re baffled,”  Then one day, someone made a suggestion. Check the home where Smith has been living.  We never thought there was something wrong with the house.”  Joe Margherita is a leading Mold inspector. He was hired by Smiths parents to investigate her home.  What he found was an eye opener; the basement was full of toxic mold. And it was off the charts.

According to Margherita, “we start to get concerned about people’s health at 2,000 spores per cubic meter. This one had so many molds the lab couldn’t count how much was there. That’s at least 250,000 spores per cubic meter. “Margherita says you may have a sick home if you feel better when you are on vacation or out of the house.  You have symptoms, but can’t find a cause for your illness. You find yourself increasing medications for allergies.Her home is now sealed up.  The door to the basement taped shut, the vents covered as she and her parents try to figure out what to do next.  This family is learning that hard way that cleaning up mold is neither easy nor cheap. And most insurance policies do not cover damages related to mold.


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