Ways To Get Mold in Your Home

Ways To Get Mold in Your Home

Vent your dryer to nowhere

A recent home mold inspection revealed a home with no exterior dryer vent — instead the builder chose to vent the dryer into the wall behind the dryer, and end it there. Other homes will vent into the attic or into the garage. Sometimes the exterior vent is clogged up, so pressure forces the exhaust air back into the living space. In each case, the volume of warm moist air is enough the cause a huge mold problem.


Drain water toward the foundation of your home

Here is something to do: walk around your home. Look at the slope of your property. Does the landscaping force surface water to flow toward or away from your foundation? A certainty about concrete foundations is that they crack, and cement is porous. The only sure way to know that the inside of your foundation is dry is to keep the outside dry. Does water pool near your foundation? If so, water will find its way in and your home will become a home for mold.


Fill your window wells with soil and leaves

The window wells are your last line of defense against water entry. Kids sometimes put hoses in the wells, and often roof drainage will flow toward the well. If your window well is dug out and partly back-filled with gravel, small water intrusions shouldn’t result in basement flooding. On the other hand, if you enjoy playing fast and loose, fill that well right up to the sill with soil —leaves, twigs and rubber balls to the mix. That will send any water in the window well directly into your basement.


Leave random drips to fix themselves

Simply by allowing drips to continue inside of a shower wall you are creating the perfect home for a colony of black mold.  With each shower you take the more water drips and the more the mold can grow.  If you prefer hot showers the mold can grow faster.  Not paying attention to noticeable signs of water leaks can make a $10 fix turn into a $10,000 fix.  Examine the shower tiles are they loose?  Look at the ceiling under bathrooms is it dry?  Has your water bill increased significantly over the past month or two?  All of these things can be a sign of a water leak, which can be the beginning of a bigger problem.

Mold in YHome

Ways To Get Mold in Your Home

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