Water restoration services for a flooded basement

Water restoration services for a flooded basement

Basement flooding catches many homeowners off-guard as no spends too much time down there. Water can find a way through holes and cracks in your basement walls by following a path of the least resistance. Basement flooding is usually connected with improper drainage around your basement walls, a defective sump pump, heavy rains, or an unfortunate combination of all these elements.

All basements are susceptible to flooding considering that water always runs from high ground towards low ground. The most common cause of basement flooding is rain and heavy rains at that. When there is excessive rain within a short time period, the basement waterproofing system can become overloaded leading to saturation of the earth surrounding the basement. The water then pushes in through cracks in the foundation.

In some cases, the grade or slope of your lawn can be a contributing factor to basement flooding. Ensure the lawn slopes away from the house so it directs rainwater away from the house and into the sewer system.

A sewer backup can also lead to basement flooding. Sewer tie-in lines in suburban homes are typically lower than the basement floor to allow carrying away of dirty water from sinks, toilets, and tubs. Should this sewer line become damaged, or clogged and the waterline is elevated above the basement floor then the water will come rushing into your home.

If your home or business is built on marshland or swamp, a defective sump pump can lead to flooding. A sump pump is usually set in a basin that is drilled into your basement floor and it safeguards your home against by pumping excess water out mechanically.

Luckily, Fresh Maintenance has a team of experts with sufficient training in basement water restoration, basement flooding included. We have the proper equipment, expertise, and experience to eliminate the water from your basement and dry the basement completely. Our water removal and restoration process involves close monitoring and detailed documentation to ensure the premises is dry.

We provide emergency basement water restoration at any time of the day and on any day. Fresh Maintenance always responds with haste regardless of the size of the problem; we treat each situation with equal respect. Our specialists are highly trained in every aspect of basement water restoration so you can be sure we always know what we are doing.

Our process is always straightforward when performing basement water restoration. Fresh Maintenance works to remove the water from your basement as efficiently and quickly as possible before it leads to secondary water damage or structural damage. We use dehumidifiers to clear away the moisture and move the air around to dry out your basement. After we remove the moisture and water completely, we clean the basement, sanitize the area, and treat it using antimicrobial agents to prevent the formation of mold.

Fresh Maintenance works with the client all through the basement water restoration process and we also work hand in hand with your insurance company so your insurance claims are processed quickly.

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