Water Clean up Westchester NY

Water Clean up Westchester NY

If your home has experienced flooding due to rain, overflowing bodies of water, or internally from a broken pipe, you will need the best water clean up Westchester NY services to help. It is paramount that the floodwater be removed quickly not only so you can get back to your normal life, but also to prevent potential damage that may happen in the future.

How Flooding Affects Your Home

When floodwater strikes, it does more than just make everything it touches wet. The water will infiltrate surfaces that are porous, such as the wood, carpet, and even concrete and create further damage. If left unchecked, the weight and pressure of the water will start to damage the floor, walls, and anything else it touches.

This means that your carpet, furnishing, and possessions all become vulnerable to water damage. If the flooding was caused by rain, an overflowing body of water, or a sewer line backup, then you can expect germs, bacteria, viruses, and the like to be present which affects the health of those living inside. This means that the danger to your health only grows as the water remains present. Even if the water came from a broken pipe, it can still sweep in the pathogens that otherwise might be dormant in your home.

The longer the water remains, the more damage it can cause which not only affects your health, but the structure and safety of the home itself. Removing the water becomes paramount, but even more importantly is the proper drying out of your home and reducing the moisture and humidity levels.

Future Damage from Flooding

After the water has been removed from the home, continued damage that results from the flooding may still occur if the proper steps are not taken. Two of the most common ways your home may be damaged include structural and mold.

Structure: The pressure of the water itself combined with how it infiltrates the porous surfaces of wood and plaster means that the internal structure of your residence may be significantly weakened. Over time, this weakening may result in collapse and repairs that may cost you thousands of dollars. If caught quickly, the repairs are usually far less extensive as the damaged materials are replaced.

Mold: Mold is everywhere, but it only grows in humid environments where it can attach itself to organic materials such as wood. Left unchecked, mold will quickly spread causing major damage to your home and affect the health of those who live inside. This is because mold releases millions of spores which create allergies and affect those with respiratory issues. In rare cases, mold can even cause homes and buildings to be condemned.

For those who have experienced flooding in their homes, the best course of action is to call the water clean up Westchester NY experts. They can arrive quickly to remove the water, dry out your home, and repair the damage. The faster you call, the quicker they can arrive at your residence and begin the clean up process.

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