Fresh Maintenance is the top mold removing company in Westchester

Why Fresh Maintenance is the top mold removing company for Westchester

Mold infestations can happen to your home or your business anytime if you have ever had a leakage in your roof or plumbing. Mold will spread through your property within 48-72 hours producing irritants and allergens with the potential to cause adverse health effects.

Fresh Maintenance is the number to call should you suspect the presence of mold in your business or home, as we will inspect the premises and assess the property for the presence of mold as a top mold removing company in Westchester, if we find mold we have the proper expertise, equipment, and training to deal with the situation. Fresh Maintenance experts know all there is about mold growth and mold itself and we have the necessary tools to remove mold from your premises and restore it to its former glory.

The basics of Mold and Mold Growth

It is important to understand the basics on mold so you know what services you are getting from a top mold removing company in Westchester such as ourselves. Microscopic mold spores are almost everywhere both indoors and outdoors. This makes it a bit difficult to eliminate all mold from the premises. These microscopic mold spores usually float around in the air meaning they can get into your home through heating/AC systems, doors, windows, on clothing, or on a pet. Moisture is essential for the survival of mold spores so when they are exposed to a source of moisture they can form colonies very quickly.

A top mold removal company in Westchester such as Fresh Maintenance will take care of any sources of moisture before the mold removal process begins or the mold could resurface. Mold usually presents a musty, strong odor making it easy to identify probable areas on the premises with mold growth. If the humidity indoors is higher than normal, you could find yourself with mold growth in the premises so ensure your indoor humidity remains below 45%.

Fresh Maintenance professionals always respond to clients immediately upon contacting us. We understand that responding quickly to mold removal problems will restrict any further damage, reduce the damage, and minimize the cost of mold removal. With Fresh Maintenance, you should expect a quick response at any time of the day.

Fresh Maintenance mold removal specialists are highly trained as they in mold removal and mold damage restoration. Our experts have the necessary expertise and training to deal with any mold problem safely.

Fresh Maintenance uses state-of-the-art mold removal equipment and techniques to diagnose the source of the moisture feeding the mold. We will ask you various questions to enable us to ascertain the personnel, resources, and equipment to use. Fresh Maintenance will inspect the premises carefully for visible indications of mold growth. We will use several containment methods to avoid the spread of the mold. Physical barriers are used to isolate the contaminated area and negative air pressure prevents the spread of mold spores during cleanup. Cooling systems, heating systems, and fans are turned off as well to keep the mold from spreading.

Mold removal and remediation processes are dependent on which surfaces have an appearance of mold growth and how much mold growth there is. When you want the top mold removing company in Westchester Call Fresh Maintenance at (866)543-3257.

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