So You Had a Flood

wet-basementSo You Had a Flood

OK, So You Had a Flood. You pumped the water out. Now what do you do. Well, you need to do several things. First assess the damage. Was it a finished basement? How high did the water get? What got wet?

Once you figure out what got wet and what didn’t, it’s time to decide what can be saved and what can’t. Cardboard is an instant toss if it got wet, mold love cellulose and moisture, so wet cardboard is mold central. Carpetting, if you had carpet and it got wet I would toss it. Carpet backing often is made of jute, which looks like burlap. While the mold wont grow on the nylon fibers you see, it loves the backing, and it’s impossible to remove from it. Furniture also falls into this category, if the fabric got soaked in the flood, it is about impossible to dry it out and clean it well enpugh to prevent, and remove all of the mold and spores. Non pourous items, such as metal or plastic, can be wiped down with a houshold cleaner and will be fine.


If the walls of the basement were finished, you may have a bigger problem however, and a professional should be called. Sheetrock absorbs moisture and the paper provides mold with somewhere to grow and flourish. The wooden studs that the sheetrock is nailed to can also harbor mold since mold loves cellolose, and inside of a wall can remain damp for quite sometime. Moisture also gets trapped under these boards and although you don’t see any mold on the surface often it is growing underneath.

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