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Should you buy a house that has mold

Should you buy a house that has mold?  That’s a very interesting question, and the answer depends on where the mold is and what caused it to grow. Before going any further, let me just say that you should always have a house checked for mold before purchasing. I recommend having air samples taken by a professional. Be aware that the do-it-yourself kits at stores like Home Depot are not accurate. And since you’re most likely spending your life savings on this home, now is not the time to cut corners. Remember, moisture is your enemy in this situation.

The first step is to locate the mold. Is it in the attic, basement, inside the hall closet wall? If the mold is in the attic it may be due to a leak in the roof–past or present. If that’s the On the other hand, if the attic mold is a result of poor ventilation in the attic, then things become a bit more complicated. Having it removed can be expensive, but attic mold is rarely toxic and if the house is a good buy it’s definitely worthwhile.

If the mold in the basement, does it flood? If it does so every time it rains there’s a greater chance that the mold down there is of the toxic variety. (Let me advise that something as simple as gutter cleaning can prevent tens of thousands of dollars in damage to a home, and should be performed regularly.) Black mold, for instance, needs a lot of moisture and time to grow, and if the basement is always wet then chances are this type of toxic mold is present.

If the basement is just damp, and it can be dried out with some landscape changes and a gutter cleaning, then you don’t have a big problem. Just have the basement treated by, say, adding a dehumidifier and keeping track of the moisture levels and it should be fine.

If the mold is growing in an unexpected place like the hall closet, then I would worry about a leaking pipe behind the wall. In this case, first figure out where the moisture is coming from. For example, un-insulated air conditioner ducts can cause huge problems and may take a lot of money to fix, and a leaking shower pipe could have been dripping for months allowing black mold to take hold. Mold in an odd place is a big red flag.

If your as to how serious the mold situation is in your prospective new home, ask for a free consultation and estimate from a mold Remediation company. Fresh Maintenance (866) 543-3257.

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