Sewer damage cleanup services for your home or business

Sewer damage cleanup services for your home or business

One of the worst things to happen to your home would be a sewage backup as it causes a lot of damage to the premises and the health hazards it brings are numerous. Sewage water could have disease-causing microbes, bacteria, or viruses, which is why sewage backups must be considered emergencies. Sewer Damage Cleanup is best handled by Fresh Maintenance (866)543-3257

Fresh Maintenance professionals are specially trained and they have all the right equipment to safely conduct sewer damage cleanup for your home or your business. If there is standing wastewater in your premises or you have experienced a pipe burst, Fresh Maintenance realizes the importance of an immediate response. We have experienced sewage backup experts with the proper tools to extract the water from your home and restore sewage damage caused by the water.

Fresh Maintenance will always pick your call for your sewer damage cleanup needs because we know the cleanup must occur as soon as possible after the backup. If the client is still on the property by the time our team arrives at the site, it is advisable to leave so we can do our job accordingly. Once you call us, we will dispatch a professional team to extract the sewage and clean up the sewage damage restoring your property.

We have technicians who are happy to provide clients with a free quote for the sewer damage cleanup. Before doing that, we will need to survey the property to assess the extent of sewer damage and plan for the sewage restoration. We will also have someone available to answer any questions you may have about the sewer damage cleanup and restoration. You are not obligated to choose Fresh Maintenance but if you are happy with the quote provided, our technicians will begin sewer damage cleanup immediately.

Fresh Maintenance stands behind its services and this is proven by the fact that our services are insured. What is more comforting than knowing the services conducted come with a warranty so you should know that we are fully prepared to provide you with the best service from the start to the finish.

We follow a specific sewer damage cleanup protocol that has a basis of 4 main steps.

–    First, we will remove the sewage water

–    We will remove the contaminated flooring, carpeting, furnishings, and any surfaces exposed to possible contamination if need be.

–    We will then dry and ventilate the entire area using high-grade air movers

–    Lastly, we will sanitize and clean the whole area to keep disease-causing microbes from spreading then the area is treated to aid in the prevention of mildew and mold growth.

Fresh Maintenance brings more to the table aside from sewer damage cleanup. We offer restoration services to your business or home if hit by any disaster. Our experts are well equipped and trained sufficiently in order to respond adequately to your emergency needs whatever the day or time. The client is always our first priority and we stick to our word by doing what we say and informing you of everything.

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