Sewer Backup in Basement

Sewer Backup in Basement

The basement in your home is the most vulnerable to flooding, both from outside sources such as precipitation and overflowing bodies of water to internal sources such as broken water pipes. However, the most damaging type of flooding is when you have a sewer backup in basement area. Sewer backups are bad enough when they happen in the kitchen or bathroom, but the basement can be quite problematic given its location in the home.

Backups that occur in the basement usually happen from drains or sewer lines that flow under the floor and into the main junction. When they backup, it means that you have contaminated water in the basement that needs to be addressed quickly.

Why Basements Need to be Cleaned Quickly

For many, the basement is the storage area of the home, holding items that are infrequently used such as holiday decorations, so the urge to act quickly may not be there. However, the danger that floodwater from a backed-up sewer represents means that you need to call a professional company at once.

Sewage water is filled with germs, bacteria, toxins, chemicals, and other substances that present a health danger to those who live inside your home. Even if they never come into direct contact, the air itself will be contaminated and circulated out of the basement and into the rest of the residence. This means that you, your family, and even your pets may be subject to illness, especially those who are elderly or still young children.

The faster the sewer backup in basement can be removed, the less likely it will present a danger to those in your home.

How a Professional Cleaning & Restoration Service Can Help

The proper way to clean up sewage is to use the right equipment and cleaning products all used by technicians skilled in removing sewage from the home. That’s why you need a professional company to do the work so that your home can be restored to its previous state.

A properly licensed and insured cleaning and restoration company will send out a technician to your home after you make your initial call. The tech will inspect the damage and assess the situation by providing you with a free quote that covers all the services needed for cleaning. If you accept, a team of technicians will arrive and start to work in removing the sewage from your basement.

Machines, sometimes called wet-vac which is designed to handle water and sewage will start to remove the waste water from the basement. All items touched by the sewage, including the carpet, will be removed and either cleaned or disposed of properly. Once the sewage has been removed, the area will be sanitized which will destroy any germs or bacteria remaining.

If needed, repair work will begin on the structure of the home damaged by the sewage. Also, the basement will be dried out with fans and blowers to circulate the air and evaporate any remaining moisture. This is important because humidity offers a breeding ground for mold which can damage your home and affect the health of those living inside.

By addressing sewer backup in basement quickly, you can protect your family and prevent further expense from potential structural damage.


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