A step by step guide on cleaning septic backup the right way

A step by step guide on cleaning septic backup the right way


Sometimes, things go out of control and you cannot do anything to stop its occurrence. An example of such a situation is a septic backup. No matter how much maintain your house, faucet, and drainage systems, mishaps can happen. Therefore, it is best to prepare yourself for such situations and clean up the mess as soon as you can. Hiring professional septic backup cleanup services is the best option.


However, in case you are left on your own to take care of it, you must know the right way to go about it. Here is a step by step guide that you must follow to cleanup sewage in the right procedure.


Step One

  • Turn off the main power supply and gas. This is required because sewage water can be in contact with broken electrical cords or appliance. To avoid fires or electric shocks, take this preventive measure.


Step Two

  • Put on your safety mask, rubber gloves, rubber boots and protective clothing. You will be handling a lot of hazardous waste, contaminated water and dirt. To avoid getting affected by a disease or allergies, take protective safety measures.


Step Three


  • Eliminate standing water using a wet-dry vacuum or a pump. Open windows, air vents and enhance the air circulation of your house.


  • Sort out the things that are contaminated with sewage. Floor mats, carpets, and other valuables that have been contaminated must be thrown out as well. In case you cannot throw out a precious object, consider getting it cleaned professionally.


  • Throw away all the food, beverage and canned items which have been in contact with the sewage waste.


Step Four


  • Use a water hose and spray the entire area with fresh water. When the area has been completely wiped off the sewage waste, wipe the floors and walls with warm water and soap.


  • Once you are done cleaning, let the area dry.


Step Five


  • If your walls and floors do not dry properly, it could lead to mold outbreak. Turn on the fans, heater and install a dehumidifier if required.


  • When the area is dry, sanitize and deodorize the area. Also, use a standard disinfectant and apply it on the affected area.


Step Six


  • Now that the Septic backup cleanup is complete, take a warm shower and apply an antibacterial soap. Clean your fingers and nails using a nailbrush. Avoid eating, drinking or touching anything unless you have washed yourself completely.
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