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Preventing Bathroom Mold

Keep Your Shower Curtain Clean


One of they most effective ways for preventing bathroom mold from forming in your bathtub is to regularly clean your shower curtain. Give it a machine-washing once every few weeks. If the curtain is made of vinyl, it can be cleaned with hot water and a mild detergent put it in the wash with your towels and they will help scrub it clean. In addition to keeping it clean, periodically replacing your shower curtain is a good way to prevent mold. Mold resistant shower curtains are also available, and can also be a good idea.

Clean Your Bathtub and Shower Walls

Regularly cleaning your bathtub and shower walls is the best way to prevent mold. At least twice a month, use a commercial mildew cleaner and scrub brush to give your tub and shower walls a thorough cleaning. When performing this task, take care to pay special attention to the area surrounding your shower grout, as it is very susceptible to mold. It may seem like tedious work, but if your tub and shower walls are left unattended, mold is certain to form. When your shower is clean you can also spray a coating of car wax on the walls. This will act as a moisture barrier keeping them clean. Take extra care not to spray it on the floor, it will make it very slippery.

Moisture is your enemy

I know that this sounds impossible in your bathroom, but you can make a difference with some common sense. Don’t leave wet towels crumpled up on the floor, hang them so they dry quickly, this goes for your bath mat too. Turn the vent on when showering, if you don’t have a vent try to crack open a window or leave the door ajar. Use a squeegee to push water down the drain, and off of anywhere it can accumulate. Keeping the moisture to a minimum is the easiest way to prevent the mold from growing and having it turn into a problem that needs a professional mold removal company to remediate.

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