Mold Testing Westchester

Mold Testing in Westchester, one of the divisions of our company performs mold testing services in many counties in the New York area, including Westchester and Rockland County, also in New Jersey in Bergen County and in Connecticut in Fairfield County. Hidden mold can be a very frustrating experience to deal with and mold testing is the only way to know for sure. Many hidden mold problems are in ceilings, walls and basements of Westchester County homes and businesses can be very difficult to locate without the proper tools and mold testing equipment. We use state of the art infrared mold testing equipment along with ultrasonic equipment in order to pinpoint hidden mold problems with extreme accuracy even behind walls.

mold testing westchester

Mold Testing in Westchester

By using this method, the highly skilled team at Fresh Maintenance can locate mold problems with minimal damage to your New York area property. We have performed thousands of mold testing and mold removal services in homes and businesses over the years and we thank you for the opportunity to help you solve your mold testing and mold removal related issues. If you have had water damage caused by a water leak, or interior flood, we can have a technician on site at your location within hours of calling our office. Time is of the essence when dealing with mold testing and costly mold removal.

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