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Mold Removal Westwood NJ, Bergen County

We recently completed a mold removal project in Westwood NJ, which is in Bergen County.  As you can see below a toilet had been leaking from the bathroom above this room, since the room was in an area of the house which isn’t used much it went unnoticed for a long period of time.  The ceiling tiles were very moldy on the outside and much worse on the inside.  We had to remove that section of ceiling two feet past any visable mold to be sure that we got all of it.  We removed the insulation and cleaned the ceiling and all around the pipe that had been leaking.  We used HEPA vacuums and Cal-Brite anti-microbial spray to do the job.  When we were done cleaning we let the air-scrubbers run for 72 hours to be sure that the room was safe. We then inspected the area and did a few mold tests to make sure the mold remediation was successful.

The moral of this story is to go into all of the rooms of your home once in awhile and look for stains on the ceiling tiles.  A quickly discovered leak may not need to be remediated by a mold removal contractor.

Mold Removal Westwood NJ, Bergen County

Westwood NJ Mold Removal

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