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Mold Removal in Ridgewood NJ, Bergen County

Mold Removal in Ridgewood NJ, Bergen County; We recently worked in Ridgewood NJ, which is in Bergen County.   As you can see from the photo below there was quite a bit of mold located inside of the wall.  What happened was that there was a flood and and quite a bit of water got inside the wall, even though the room was dried out by a national disaster company, they failed to realize that water had penetrated the wall they also failed to properly test all of the walls for moisture content.  The trapped water allowed the mold to grow out of sight and out of control.  This particular mold was stachybotrys chartarum, the infamous “BLACK MOLD“.  So not only did this company fail to do a thorough job, they also put the family that lives there at risk.  Mold can and will grow inside of walls here is the proof.

To treat this we first had to expose it, and as you can see we had to open the wall up.  I don’t have an after picture because we removed the other wall also, because mold cannot be removed from sheet rock it needs to be cut out and removed.  The reason for this is because the mold grows on the paper that coats the wall board and cannot be cleaned off.  We had to remove most of the wall from that side of the room along with the insulation.  We then sprayed and cleaned it with Cal-brite anti-microbial spray and scrubbed it clean.  The studs and supports were salvaged as the water had not rotted them and the mold hadn’t penetrated.  We let the air scrubbers run for 72 hours after we completed the mold remediation, then we inspected and tested the area for mold to make sure  our remediation was successful.

Mold Removal in Ridgewood NJ, Bergen County

Mold Inside of a Wall

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