Mold Removal Experts

Mold Removal Experts

If your house or business premises has experienced any form of water damage, then it is likely that it has become infected with mold. The mold could have spread more than anticipated and will require a bit more than the usual detergent and bleach cleaning to remove it in the areas it may be hiding.

Mold occurring on drains or in the bathtub in small amounts can easily be cleaned by the owner by doing some proper scrubbing. However, if the extent of damage is much larger, you will require the services of mold removal experts.


Mold removal experts should be able to respond quickly to anyone who contacts them about an issue regarding mold removal. A faster response from them will reduce the damage caused by the mold hence reducing the cost incurred in restoration.

These experts should be well trained in the mold remediation process and have licenses proving they are qualified to carry out the job.

The techniques they use in mold removal should be trusted ones and the equipment used should be of high quality to ensure the job is well done and the agents used in cleaning should be non-toxic and preferably, EPA approved for health and safety reasons.

Inspection And Assesment

Upon reporting of a mold infestation, mold removal experts should strive to respond to the issue within 24-72 hours to reduce the extent of damage caused. Quick response is an ideal quality. Once on site, they should test the air for spores and collect samples from walls, ceilings or carpets for testing to determine, if any, how much mold is present in the premises.

If the results come back positive for mold contamination, the experts should get to work on making a plan for mold removal. The process could cost quite a pretty penny. It is therefore recommended that you consult with your insurance company before contracting any mold removal experts for work.

Remediation Process

Using the right type of equipment and having confirmed that these experts are qualified for the job, the mold removal process can now begin. Using the right cleaning agents that are non-toxic and environmental friendly, mold removal can commence after the premises has been vacated and items have been removed from the household.

The process involves isolating the source of water that is feeding the mold and shutting it off. The next step will be the removal of any insulation and drywall present that has already been damaged by the mold for disposal.

Contain, Filter And Restore

Containment is key to keep the mold spores from spreading out to other areas. All heating and cooling systems should be turned off. Air filtration is done to prevent the spread of more mold spores. Once the area has been properly scrubbed down and treated using proper cleaning agents and the furniture and clothing cleaned too, the restoration process can now begin.

Repairs and replacements are done to ensure there is no further contamination and the mold is properly disposed of in closed bags.

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