Mold Removal Armonk NY Westchester County NY, Mold Removal Armonk NY Westchester County NY Armonk NY Mold Removal NY

Mold Removal Armonk NY Westchester County

Mold Removal Armonk NYWe just completed a mold removal Armonk NY. The picture that is posted here is of one of the technicians using a backpack hepa vacuum. As you can see from the picture the mold technician is vacuuming an area of the house that did not get wet and does not have mold growing on it. Why is he doing this, very simple because mold spores are spread in the air and settle on all surfaces. Think of mold like a dandelion it will grow and when it runs out of room it will spread its spores into the air the way a dandelion spreads its seeds. The spores will float and settle on anything, they can go dormant for years waiting for conditions to be right and start growing again. So bearing this in mind it is very important to hepa vacuum and wipe any and all surfaces that could have been exposed to mold, and in the case of an area that needs Remediation that would mean everything.

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