Mold Remediation Westchester NY

Mold Remediation Westchester NY

Any space that has a water source can easily and quickly become mold infested. A water source such as a plumbing leak or leak in the roof can lead to mold build-up. Mold grows and spreads fast; within 48 to 72 hours it could become problematic. Mold also produces irritants and allergens that can harm your health.

If you suspect that Mold Remediation Westchester NY is needed, contact Fresh Maintenance and they will expertly handle the situation for you.

Understanding Mold

Mold spores are microscopic and they exit about everywhere, both indoors and outdoors thus making it extremely difficult to eliminate entirely. While some companies make promises to eliminate all mold, it is actually impossible to do so.

Mold spores due to their microscopic nature can penetrate heating systems, attach to clothing, pet hair and other elements.

Mold spores grow and multiply very fast with exposure to water and since every home and property has water in it, the presence of mold is more common than you might think. This is why before addressing a mold issue, the source sources of water on your property must be examined.

Mold produces a musty odor and can, therefore, be detected. It is important to keep your humidity indoors below 45% because humidity that is higher than normal supports mold growth.

Mold Remediation Procedure

Every mold infested environment demands a unique solution. The Fresh Maintenance team follows the outlined process:

  1. Once you make a call to Fresh Maintenance, a qualified representative will ask you questions that will help establish the extent of the problem and the equipment, personnel, and resources best suited for the job.
  2. Next, the Fresh Maintenance team will inspect and access the mold damage in your premise. To do this, they use specialized technologies that are able to detect the mold even in hidden areas.
  3. The team then employs certain containment procedures to curb the spread of mold. Some of these procedures may include isolating the contaminated areas, to using negative air chambers and negative air pressure that keep the mold spores from spreading further. At this stage, all heating and cooling systems are turned off.
  4. Air filtration using specialized equipment follows. In this procedure, microscopic molds are captured from the air.
  5. The fifth step involves the removal of all mold as well as mold infested items. The Fresh Maintenance team uses antimicrobial and antifungal treatments in the eradication of mold colonies and to prevent formation of new colonies.
  6. Next, all items in the space undergoing mold clean up are cleaned as well. Various techniques are used in the cleaning and sanitization of these items. The home space is also deodorized using fogging equipment so as to remove odors.
  7. The last step involves restoration. At this point, based on the degree of mold damage, subfloors, dry wall, and other building materials are removed, and minor repairs are done. These may include painting, replacement of drywall, and installation of new carpeting to mention a few.

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