Mold Plagues City Hall in Westchester County NY

Mold Plagues City Hall in Westchester County NY

When the Mayor took office in 2008, he spent $10,000 to renovate the executive suite, citing moldy carpet as one of the reasons for the makeover.

The Westchester City Hall employees learned last month that  mold has returned. “Mold is just the symptom,” said Joe Margherita of Fresh Maintenance”. “The cause is moisture, so you really want to get to the root cause.”

Fixing that root cause, especially if it turns out to be something like a leaky roof or windows, can be where costs escalate. If it’s not addressed, the mold will probably return, he said.  Managing Director Francis Smith said Wednesday that about a month ago, after city employees had been complaining of respiratory symptoms, he looked behind a piece of peeling wallpaper near one of the mayor’s secretary’s desks to find it covered in mold.

The city maintenance staff  believe the problems are caused by 15 to 20 years of rainwater infiltration. The entire fifth floor, which houses the offices of the mayor and City Council, will have its wallpaper stripped and the walls painted.

After union leaders passed on the work, saying their workers don’t have specialized mold remediation skills, the city obtained quotes from three or four mold removal specialists, he said.

The city hired Fresh Maintenance of White Plains NY to remove the mold at a cost of $9,400, city spokesman Mike MacDonald said.

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