Mold count highest in years Spores have been multiplying by the Millions

White Plains NY – Though it’s not thought to be an all-time record, none can remember a mold spore count higher than Wednesday’s. Gauges at Fresh Maintenance counted 27,262 mold spores per cubic meter of air today. They say they can’t remember a higher count.

With five consecutive days of rain in Central Westchester NY, mold spores have been multiplying by the thousands. The moisture and summer heat provide an ideal environment for mold growth. For summer allergy sufferers, this can be very uncomfortable.   Mold needs a moist environment to thrive. It grows on just about everything. You see it on food, in bathrooms and in basements. But, it also grows on the grass, trees and flowers in your yard. “Their job in nature is to break all those things down and reintegrate them into the soil,” said Margherita. “So molds can grow just about anywhere if they have enough moisture. Both molds indoors and outdoors can cause significant mold allergy problems.”   “As long as we are seeing warm, wet weather, we’ll see high mold counts and that’s going to continue,” said Margherita. “When the weather starts to cool off, as the humidity drops down, then we typically see the mold counts go down.”

Asthma doctors are seeing record numbers of patients, complaining of coughing and itchy eyes.

“People who get recurrent sinus infections because they’re predisposed by allergies, we see that a lot,” said Dr. Fred Simon with Allergy and Asthma Associates of Westchester NY. “They cause you not to sleep at night. They can cause you to miss days at work, days at school. They really can result in very big lifestyle changes.  ”Simon said when allergy symptoms don’t improve or lead to reoccurring sinus infections, it’s time to make an appointment to see a physician. When over-the-counter medications or doctor’s prescriptions don’t work, allergy shots are the next option.


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