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Mold Behind Walls

Mold Behind Walls test

Mold Behind Walls

Mold Behind Walls; Do you think you have mold growing behind your walls? Well you may have. Before you take an axe to them here are a few things you need to know.

First mold needs moisture to grow, has there been a broken pipe or have you had a flood? If it is an interior wall and doesn’t contain any pipes and if it hasn’t been soaked in a flood then your probably OK. If it is an exterior wall the same holds true, except that you need to be careful about cracks in the exterior of the home which could let moisture in. These cracks include actual cracks in the foundation, seals that have come loose sometimes even a loose or missing nail can let in enough moisture.

Ok, but how do you tell if there is mold present without breaking them open? Two ways the first is you cn use a non invasive thermal camera to “look” for leaks, the second way is to take a mold test from inside the wall via a small whole drilled behind the baseboard. The thermal camera can only “see” changes in temperature not mold, so its great if there is an active leak, but cannot tell you if there is mold. The inner wall mold test is accomplished by removing the base board, drilling a 1/4″ hole, inserting a tube, and collecting a sample of the air to be sent to a lab. You usually get the test back in a few days and when compared to an air sample taken from outside you can see what molds are present and exist in greater quantities.

If you do find a leak or mold then the professional taking the test can plan out the next steps which will probably require opening the wall, removing any insulation and treating the area.

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