If you are looking for a Bergen County Mold Inspection 866 543-3257

If you are looking for a Bergen County Mold Inspection

If you are looking for a Bergen County Mold Inspection you have come to the right place if you have been experiencing one or more of the following issues. Call us at 866 543-3257 to speak to a Fresh Maintenance representative.


  • An illness that can’t be explained
  • Allergies
  • Respiratory Issues
  • A Musty or Earthy Smell
  • Something Growing  on Walls, Furniture or Clothes
  • Live or Work in a Place that has a Moisture Problem or has had past flooding
  • Buying a New Home or Commercial or an Industrial Building

What is a Mold Inspection?

A mold inspection is a complete mold evaluation of a home or businesses where an inspector looks for mold related issues and uses a variety of equipment to analyze each potential area which mold may be growing or where it possibly could grow. Some of this equipment is used to give answers immediately while in some instances mold tests need to be taken and sent to a lab. All of the information collected allows us to create a report and get a clear picture of what is going on and what needs to be done to fix everything.

Here is a step by step guide to a mold inspection:

1. Client calls us to schedule an appointment.

2. An Inspector meets client at location.

3. Visual inspection of entire structure, inside and out.

4. Thermal Imaging Camera, Humidity, Moisture Meter Reading Taken and recorded.

5. Inspector and client agree upon plan for testing.

6. Air and Surface Samples are taken.

7. All samples are sent directly to an independent lab.

8. Lab results are received

9. If there is no problem- This is last step.

10. If there is a problem- A detailed report will be given with a plan for removal.

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