How To Get Rid of Mold

How To Get Rid of Mold

While mold removal over 10 square feet is best left to professionals, smaller areas can be treated quite effectively by the homeowner. Most mold that you encounter in your home while a health hazard is usually non-toxic. This doesn’t mean it is safe but just an allergen. If you wear proper clothing, such as an n-95 mask (you can buy it at Home Depot), rubber gloves and boots.  This article will help explain how to get rid of mold.

The most important thing is to remove anything that got wet and stayed wet for 48 hours. Anything cellulose such as paper, sheetrock, books need to go. Anything cloth unless it can be cleaned in hot water or dry cleaned needs to go. This includes furniture sorry you can’t save a water logged couch that was floating around for 4 days, the mold grows on the inside where you can’t clean.

Anything that is non-porous such as plastic can be removed, cleaned with soap and water, wiped clean and left to dry out.
If the walls are damaged and they are sheetrock they should be cut out, cut a foot above where the mold ends to be safe.
A pro has Air Scrubbers to clean the air and remove any spores. If it is a nice day and you have plenty of windows let Mother Nature blow the air out of the house.

The floors and walls should be wiped with a commercially available mold cleaner, or a 25% mixture of bleach with water can be used, make sure the area is well ventilated. Also dead mold is also an allergen and can be as bad a live mold, so just spraying the area and declaring victory won’t work. The area needs to be sprayed, scrubbed and wiped and rinsed clean.
If you are not sure you are doing this correctly, if you need a pro to look at it or you want the area tested after you are done, then feel free to give us a call at 866 543-3257.

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