Home mold test kit

Air Samples Vs. Home mold test kit

home-mold-test-kitHome mold test kits are available in any hardware store, they however they are of little use to tell if a home has a mold problem. The home test kits almost always give a positive reading because mold spores are always present in the air, thus like seeds if they land on something they can grow on, they will. I use as an example a piece of bread, if you leave it on your counter for a few days mold will grow. The mold isn’t in the bread when it comes out of the bag, spores in the air settle on it and begin to colonize it.
Professional air samples are taken in order to test the air in a given area for the presence of a high amount of mold. The lab is able to count colony forming units (CFUs) that grow because the amount of air entering the testing apparatus is known and the lab then uses a formula to calculate the cfus per cubic meter of air. This method also allows a spore count and an identification of the mold per cubic meter of air. Air sampling counts all spores, living and nonliving unlike culture plating (home test kits) which only counts live mold. Remember dead mold is also an allergen. This method is much more accurate and gives an answer as to whether the amount of mold in a particular area is high; you do this by taking a second sample from outdoors and comparing the two. The home test kit only tells you that there is mold present, which you already knew.

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