Have a Pro do it

Why should I hire a company to clean my windows when I can do it myself? I hear that a lot when I tell someone what I do for a living. I usually give them these reasons:

  1. It’s safer. We have the proper equipment, and we are trained in how to use it. Going to the local rental place for a 40ft ladder is an option for the homeowner however.
  2. Lint Free Towels are better than Paper Towels: We use lint free towels to wipe the windows and frames dry, paper towels leave paper dust on the glass newspaper leaves your hands black.
  3. They look better: We don’t use Windex, or dish detergent. We use professional cleaners that don’t leave a soap residue, or streak.
  4. They stay cleaner: The professional cleaners we use also remove the static charge from the glass. It is this static charge that attracts dirt.
  5. We can remove stains safely: Your homes gutter has been leaking water down the same spot in the window for years, now it’s stained. We have cleaners that can remove those hard water stains and drip marks from windows without scratching them.
  6. It’s faster: One professional window cleaner can clean about 1000 square feet of first floor glass in an hour, second floor in about an hour and a half. The average homeowner using Windex and paper towels can accomplish 1000 square feet of first floor glass in about four hours, second floor moving the ladder for every window would take all day.
  7. Guarantee: We offer a 7 day guarantee if rain messes up your windows. Dod you offer yourself the same?
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