Great Tips to prevent mold growth

Great Tips to prevent mold growth


Are you worried sick about the mold outbreak in your house? If the problem is out of hand, then you must consider hiring professional Westchester mold removal services. In the meantime, you can work a few natural remedies to get rid of the persistent mold in your household. There are many ways by which you can prevent the growth of mold.


  • Control the moisture content of the air

Moisture encourages mold growth. Keep your hose dry and take measures to treat leaking faucets immediately. You can install a hygrometer to measure the moisture level in your house.


  • Take measures to keep the house ventilated

Ensure proper ventilation in the house. Keep windows and air inlets open to let the air circulate well. Install an exhaust fan in the bathroom or keep the bathroom window open. Kitchens could use exhaust fans as well.


  • Keep the bathroom dry

After taking bath, wipe the walls of the bathroom. The moisture from the shower remains on the wall. If walls retain the moisture, it will form a good environment for mold to grow in. Take a sponge or a towel and wipe it dry. Ask every family member to do the same.


  • Fix leaking faucets and clean water spills immediately

Floods, burst pipes, leaking faucet or broken water valve can wet walls, floors and other areas of the house. Fix leaking faucets and broken pipes to stop the water leakage. The more you delay, the better will the environment nurture mold growth.

Wet walls, damp floors, and areas with standing water give rise to mold, algae and mildew growth.


  • Basement, laundry room and attics

These areas of the house need special attention as these are the rooms which are most often poorly ventilated. Open windows, doors and air vents for enhancing air circulation. Use an exhaust fan in the laundry room to keep it dry. The drier of the washing machine should be vented to the outside. Keep these spaces clean, dry and properly ventilated.


  • Make use of a dehumidifier

When the humidity increases, you can use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air. Summers can be humid. Those are the times when you will need this device the most. Therefore, purchase one and use it in basements, attics, crawl spaces and other closed spaces.

In case you have an uncontrollable mold problem, seek for professional Westchester mold removal services.

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