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Frequent Causes of Mold Growth

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Frequent Causes of Mold Growth

Frequent Causes of Mold Growth:

  1. Basement flooding and water intrusion
  2. Closeness to lake, river, or ocean
  3. Clothes dryer exhausting into walls or attic
  4. Construction defects + poor workmanship
  5. Improper Crawl space waterproofing.
  6. Firewood indoors
  7. Lot grading downward to home
  8. High indoor humidity [60%+]
  9. Humidifiers & vaporizer
  10. inadequate ventilation
  11. Indoor plants
  12. Overflow from tubs, showers, sinks, & toilets
  13. Landscaping mistakes like mulch & plant glut
  14. Leaky roof
  15. Venting inadequacies in kitchen & bathrooms
  16. Sewage pipe leaks
  17. Siding leaks
  18. Water pipe leaks
  19. Wooded setting keeps out sun
  20. Wet clothes
  21. Wet clothes drying indoors on clothes line

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