Fire Damage Cleanup NY

Fire Damage Cleanup NY

Fires in households can occur as a result of electrical faults or they can be accidentally caused. In the event of the occurrence of a fire, firefighters will immediately be called to put out the fire. However, once they are done with the firefighting process your home will likely be left suffering from fire, smoke and water damage which will require cleanup. The water used to put out the fire could end up seeping into your furniture and clothes leaving, even more, damage and the walls end up covered in soot. You should call up an expert to handle this process carefully and ensure maximum restoration and minimal damage.

Qualities To Look For

When looking for fire cleanup services in New York, ensure you contract the services of a professional who is quick to respond. This will reduce the amount of secondary damage done to the property.

The experts should be adequately trained in matters fire, smoke and water damage cleanup and also have the licenses to prove that they are qualified for the job. This will ensure the restoration process goes on smoothly without a hitch.

Fire damage cleanup NY specialists should put a higher priority to restoration instead of replacing items to ensure that expenses are minimized as much as possible. This will reduce the interruption caused in your life and help you resume business or life as usual in the shortest time possible.

Assessment of Damage

Once the fire cleanup specialists have been contacted and have promptly responded, inspection and assessment of the property can be done to determine the extent of damage. While this is being done, the premises should be vacated to allow for efficiency when the job is being done. This process involves the removal of all clothes, furniture and other items in the household to determine which require replacement and which can be restored.

Once a plan for fire damage cleanup has been created, the restoration process can begin.


Companies like Fresh maintenance offer professional fire damage cleanup services in New York. Ashes have to be removed from every nook and cranny in the household, the water left after the firefighting will also be properly dried out and the property damaged such as rugs, carpets and maybe even a few floorboards will have to be removed to allow for replacement. The soot will also be removed from the household using expert equipment to ensure the air breathed in the house is fresh and clean to avoid causing illnesses.


Once the premises have been properly cleaned up and all damaged items properly disposed of, the restoration process can now commence. The proper safety procedures will be used to ensure the restoration process is timely and cost effective. Floor boards, curtains, carpets and a few pieces of furniture may require replacement. Electric outlets will be carefully redone to ensure no more accidents occur that could cause any more fires. The professionals can work with the insurance company when carrying out this task to make it seamless and easy.

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