Crawlspace Mold in Westchester Bergen Fairfield Rockland County


Crawlspace Mold

If you have had a recent crawlspace water incident, time is of the essence, if action is not taken quickly, mold is like to result. Did you Know that 1 spore can turn into 12,000,000 in twelve hours?  Crawlspace Mold is a serious problem in Westchester, Bergen, Fairfield and Rockland

Mold in your crawlspace is generally due to 3 basic causes:

  • Plumbing Leaks.
  • Flooding or sewer back up.
  • Failure to incorporate a crawlspace vapor barrier.

crawlspace-moldWhen it comes to your health crawl space mold can be particularly dangerous for your family. The reason for this is because your crawlspace often contains the equipment that supplies your home with heat and ventilation.

When mold senses that is being threatened or when it is disturbed it releases its spores into the air. This cloud of spores is released when you walk across the floor above or every time something in the crawlspace disturbs it, such as your heat kicking on. Mold can also feel threatened if it starts to dry out. It needs water to live and thus when it starts drying it will release its spores so the species can live on somewhere else. These spores can remain in a state of suspended animation for years, like a seed. This means that if it lands on a surface and that surface is moist and the surface contains food like dust or wood. The spore will start to grow and your mold problem will begin again.

These spores are then literally sucked into the ductwork via the stack effect. After getting sucked in they are then liberally spread throughout the home causing all manner of health effects and symptoms.

The way to combat this is to keep your crawl space dry and when it gets wet to act immediately to dry it out. You have about 48hours before mold starts to grow. If drying it out that quickly is impossible due to a power failure or some other reason that a professional mold inspector should be called to check it out and do testing.

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