Crawlspace Mold Removal

Crawlspace Mold Removal

A crawlspace in any house is the space between the house and the ground. It is usually quite shallow and too small for anyone to walk upright in hence them being referred to as spaces one can crawl in. These spaces can be made of gravel, concrete or dirt and require proper maintenance since they determine the quality of the air getting into the household. They are highly prone to the growth of mold especially if they are damp, humid and dark spaces.

Look For The Signs

Signs that show up in the event that your crawl space is actually infested in mold include a decrease in quality of the air indoors which in turn results in allergies and respiratory problems such as asthma. The wiring could have issues, the floorboards could very easily be damaged, pipes broken and a funny odor could be present in the event that all doors and windows are closed. These warning signs should get you to look at the problem as quickly as possible to determine the extent of mold growth.

Removing The Mold

If mold is found in these spaces, it could cause a number of health risks. Crawlspace mold removal should be done by certified professionals who use proper equipment and cleaning agents that are environmental friendly and non-toxic. They will follow the right procedures and guidelines to ensure the process is healthy and safely done.

Have the premises inspected first to determine the presence of mold and to make a plan on how it will be removed.

Safety First

Ventilation is an important aspect to this process to avoid the further inhalation of mold spores. Use fans to circulate air in the space. Set up proper lighting as well to improve your vision of the space as this area is usually quite dark. To avoid getting any form of dirt on you, be sure to lay some plastic wrap on the floor.

Use chemicals and cleaning agents that are safe for use by spraying the liquids or foam that spreads across the surface. The mold can then be scraped off and disposed carefully to avoid further contamination.

In some cases, the mold will need to removed using a surface blaster. This is done by attacking the particles with high pressure and be sure to get to every corner in the crawlspace to remove all traces.

How To Prevent Mold Growth

To avoid mold growth in crawlspaces, keep the space dry. Water and oxygen create the perfect breeding ground for mold. You can use dehumidifiers and fans to dry out any form of moisture. Check the space for burst pipes or water from outside and act accordingly.

Avoid using this space for storage as it will eliminate any chance of mold feeding off organic stuff to infest itself in the space. If anything is stored, be sure to conduct regular checkups to ensure there is no mold growth.

Keep removing any plants, twigs or animals that may crawl into this space and give mold the opportunity to grow.

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