Company That Cleans Up Water

Company That Cleans Up Water

When you’re plumbing fixtures become faulty, floods occur or a storm hits home, water usually turns into a huge problem. When water that has flooded your property or home is not cleaned up promptly and appropriately, the carpeting, ceiling, flooring, and walls are bound to incur extensive damage that could render your home not fit for habitation or cost you lots of money to fix all the problems that are brought about by flooding water. Some of this damage include rot, bacteria and mold growth.

Fresh Maintenance is a Company That Cleans Up Water with the latest technology and trained personnel, in an efficient and effective manner ensuring that the damage that has been caused is minimal. In addition, Fresh Maintenance also has the expertise to restore the damage that could have already occurred from the water damage.

Water cleanup services by Fresh Maintenance include:

  • Water damage cleanup as well as plumbing repair from sump pumps, broken pipes, water heater malfunction, leaking pipes from dishwashers, ice makers or even washing machines.
  • Sewage damage occurring from the sewer and toilet as a result of drain backups.
  • Flooding from bad weather, heavy rains or underground water that seeps into your basement floor.

The response from Fresh Maintenance personnel is swift and this helps prevent the damage from getting worse. They ensure that the scene for water removal has been adequately dried, disinfected and ventilated so as to suppress the growth of fungi, bacteria, mildew and other undesirable micro-organisms.


No matter how severe the situation is, professionals at Fresh Maintenance are equipped and trained to carry out the water clean-up for you.

Do not make the mistake of attempting to do the clean-up on your own. Water damage on items like carpets, floors, and walls can not be adequately resolved through simple DIY techniques. This is because these areas are porous and will, therefore, require specialized tools and procedures for proper cleanup.

Fresh Maintenance not only cleans up the water but also get rid of all items that are non-salvageable thus ensuring any growth of micro organisms after clean up has been suppressed. One of the challenges property and home owners deal with after water clean up is the musky smell from the furniture, upholstery and other household items. This is why they also deodorize your home to ensure that it’s not just clean and dry, but also fresh and pleasant to be in.

Through their advanced water mitigation equipment, Fresh maintenance does not carry out any water clean up procedure until they ensure that they perform a humidity, temperature and moisture test to ascertain that the scene has been adequately dried up to acceptable industry standard specifications.

So when water emergencies occur, do not fret. Simply call Fresh maintenance on the number (866) 543-3257 for a free estimate and a team will be dispatched to you promptly when you need a Company That Cleans Up Water. The cleanup job will be done fast and efficiently to allow you to get back to your normal lives as quickly as possible.

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