Basement Drying Westchester NY

Basement Drying Westchester NY The basement is arguably the most vulnerable area of your home to flooding. Whether the source of the flooding comes from the rain, an overflowing body of water, or a broken pipe or backed-up sewer line, the basement is often the room that gets affected. So, you may need professional basement [...]

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Westchester NY Smoke Removal

Westchester NY Smoke Removal Even a small fire that has been contained may do far more damage to your home that you initially think. This is because smoke can infiltrate the porous surfaces far beyond where the fire occurred and damage the plaster, wood, and other materials made from organic elements. That’s why you need [...]

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Mildew Removal Service

Mildew Removal Service Mildew is a unique type of mold, which can grow anywhere in your home. It is usually found in places where there is a lot of heat and moisture. When added to organic nutrients such as oils, natural foods, and dirt, plus humidity, mildew growth can become uncontrollable. Mildew not only looks [...]

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Water Clean up Westchester NY

Water Clean up Westchester NY If your home has experienced flooding due to rain, overflowing bodies of water, or internally from a broken pipe, you will need the best water clean up Westchester NY services to help. It is paramount that the floodwater be removed quickly not only so you can get back to your [...]

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A Comprehensive Guide to Sewage Cleanup Services

A Comprehensive Guide to Sewage Cleanup Services   Sewage waste is potentially hazardous to health. If you are dealing with sewage damage, the first thing you think about doing is cleaning it up. However, since sewage waste contains a million germs, bacteria, viruses and filthy content, it must not be handled without caution. Therefore, you [...]

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Why house fire damage should be addressed immediately

Why house fire damage should be addressed immediately When a fire hits your business or home, it can be an overwhelming experience for you. Once the firefighters leave, there is a likelihood that your property will suffer from smoke damage, house fire damage, flooding, and water damage from firefighting endeavors. Fresh Maintenance has the necessary [...]

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Westchester NY Flood Drying

Westchester NY Flood Drying If your home has been flooding, cleaning up the water is not enough. You will need to employ the professional services of a Westchester NY flood drying company. They will inspect, address the areas still wet from the flood, and dry out the home so that future damage may be prevented. [...]

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Mold Remediation Westchester NY

Mold Remediation Westchester NY Any space that has a water source can easily and quickly become mold infested. A water source such as a plumbing leak or leak in the roof can lead to mold build-up. Mold grows and spreads fast; within 48 to 72 hours it could become problematic. Mold also produces irritants and [...]

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Fresh Maintenance is the top mold removing company in Westchester

Why Fresh Maintenance is the top mold removing company for Westchester Mold infestations can happen to your home or your business anytime if you have ever had a leakage in your roof or plumbing. Mold will spread through your property within 48-72 hours producing irritants and allergens with the potential to cause adverse health effects. [...]

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Sewer damage cleanup services for your home or business

Sewer damage cleanup services for your home or business One of the worst things to happen to your home would be a sewage backup as it causes a lot of damage to the premises and the health hazards it brings are numerous. Sewage water could have disease-causing microbes, bacteria, or viruses, which is why sewage [...]

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